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Dana V. Stone

Wendy D.

"This was an incredible process for me. I was able to release misconceptions that I have been carrying around for over 40 years. I let go of so much anger. I feel lighter, kinder, there is a softening. It is like I let go of a layer of yuck. I didn't even realize how much I needed it. My heart is truly full. My life is so much better because of it. I am grateful. Thank you Thank you thank you. 😊"

What You’ll Get During This

Release Call

This is a 2 hour process, done in 2 sessions. You will meet on Zoom. Dana will gently guide you through a process where she asks you what are you most embarrassed or ashamed about in your life. Then together you will look at how that belief creates many beliefs about yourself, that are not true, and you will easily release them. When they are released she will teach you how to create a new story about who you are. It is a simple, yet powerful process. These beliefs are what is keeping you from having the life you desire. She has heard it all and many people often have very similar belief systems to work with. You can rest assured that the utmost confidentiality will be kept.

You will receive a hypnotic meditation to help you integrate the empowering new belief system you discover through this process. You will also receive 3 energetic remote healings.

Before the Call

Before your call Dana will meditate and tunes into your energy so she is in the best possible space to assist you in your transformation. You want to relax. She recommends you bring paper and a pen to the call, incase you wish to write something down, but she will do the note taking, so you won't be doing a lot of writing.

Your Signature Release Appointment

During the call it is your job to open up. The more you are willing to be open the more the process will help you. This will be a different way of looking at some aspects of your life experience, staying open is necessary for your transformation. She will help you open up.

What Changes Will You See After

After the signature release system you will have a new perspective and understanding of what has been blocking you. It will feel freeing. You will feel empowered and able to move towards your dreams more easily. She will send you call notes and a customized recorded meditation specifically for you.

About Dana V. Stone

Dana V. Stone is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Professional Speaker. She has transformed the lives hundreds of clients and audiences from around the world. Due to her expert speaking and coaching skills, she is able to empower others to remove the hidden blocks to their success and restore their unstoppable inner confidence now.

Dana is the creator of her highly-regarded “Signature Release System” and “The Fearless Empowerment Method” transformational program. She has been a featured expert during numerous speaking opportunities include online and in-person.

Whether Dana is speaking to a small group or at a large international conference, she ignites the audience with her captivating stage presence, undeniable passion and proven methods developed from her 25 + years’ experience.

With Dana’s step-by-step coaching systems and training methods, clients experience more joy, love, and abundance. Dana is passionate about teaching and empowering her audiences and clients to achieve extraordinary results and elevate their personal and professional lives. Dana is always focused on ensuring her clients get extraordinary results because she only sees people in their POWER, never their problems.

Why They Recommend

Signing Up For The

Signature Release System

Karen S.

"I wanted to say thank you again so much for all of your help I am in such a wonderful space because of you and your guidance."

Matt T.

"Wow I didn't realize that which I thought made me weak actually made me strong. I have a new self confidence. You helped me in a way no therapist was able to. Thank you."

Julie B.

"It took me a bit to let go of the thoughts I was holding onto, but when you gently showed me a different perspective I was able to let go of the sabotaging beliefs about myself. It was a freeing experience. I would have been closed off to the amazing opportunities that are in my life now had I let go. "

This System Is For You If Are Experiencing Any These Feelings...

  • You are feeling stuck and you don't know how to get unstuck.
  • You are following all the "law of attraction" rules, but aren't bringing in what you want.
  • You are holding resentment, fear or pain.
  • You find you get angry easily.
  • You want to live with more confidence.
  • You would like to improve an important relationship.
  • You would like to bring in a new relationship.
  • You are feeling embarrassed or ashamed about something in your life, past or present.
  • You are wanting more and you are not sure why you aren't getting it.
  • You are going through a transition in your life.
  • You are holding onto guilt.

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